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Drunk British Housewives and Cocksucking MILFs

Saturday, October 11th, 2014
British Housewives CFNM

British Housewives CFNM

Lol. Here’s a good one. Ever wondered what your mrs really gets up on a girls night out? Ever wondered what really happens on these Hen Nights, and works parties etc? Wanna see what actually takes place at these parties with some lucky male stripper after all these horny British Milfs have had one two many glasses of pear cider? Well tbh I kinda wish I hadn’t stumbled accross the site Boozed Women – because now not only am I utterly jealous of the male stripper – the lucky git – but also I’ll be thinking twice about letting the mrs join her girlfriends for what she usually claims is a quiet night down the bingo.

Alright so it’s an odd post to include on a site for British Babes, cos most of these British housewives in the Boozed Women videos are drunk dishevelled old tarts – but you can certainly pick out a lot of British amateur housewives in these vids that would pass as a British Babe – if only they werent so drunk that they’ve let their makeup slide halfway accross their face & ended up looking more like a Picasso original.

There’s a fuckload of these drunk British amateur videos like the one above, at Boozed Women. :)